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Welcome to the Solar Power website. Our site exists in order to provide the interested with all the resources, information and related links available on the internet regarding Solar Power. It is vitally important that people all over the world begin to look at ways in which they can decrease their carbon footprint by initiating the kind of changes that will both allow them to conserve energy and also to increase the use of renewable energy sources so that what power they do use does not result in harmful emissions being pumped into our already beleaguered atmosphere.

Although every little change helps, just switching out all the light bulbs in your home and replacing them with energy saving light bulbs isn?t going to be enough to help us combat the onset of climate change. What is required is wholesale changes in the way we actually use energy, and specifically a concerted effort to move away from the use of fossil fuels which when burned to create energy have the unwelcome side effect of releasing billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. One of the most successful green energy technologies as yet developed, and one that continues to be refined and perfected, is the use of PV solar panels to harness the natural energy of the sun's rays. This is a free and bountiful source of energy that has no harmful emissions and can be tapped easily and cheaply. If you would like to comment on our Solar Power website, feel free to do so.

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